Here is what our customers are saying:

I never thought about having a website till Peter suggested it and I am so glad built it with him. I am very picky at times and have very definite ideas of what I want. Peter has a way of giving suggestions that make you open to think of a new ideas without compromising your own.
I love my site and will continue to work with Peter, I cant think of working with anyone else. If you dont have a website you need one, and Peter is the man to do that!!!   The best thing I can say is that I tell my friends go to Peter for their website.
Thank you Peter!  Reiki Master MaryLynn

Peter – It has been such a joy working with you in the creation of my website!  You made this such an easy process for me because you could so clearly see what I was wishing to accomplish with this.  You understood my ideas and translated them into form perfectly, even adding things that I had not thought of myself which really add a lot to the site.
Probably the thing I appreciate most is that you were working directly with my Spiritual Guides and Teachers in the creation of this site, which is dedicated to their words, wisdom, and their work with Humanity.  They have asked me to convey to you how much they personally appreciate this as well.
Knowing that you can maintain the site and make the connections to send interested people to it means a lot, since I don’t have the time to attend to all this myself!
Clearly, you have the complete spectrum of the foundation of solid business knowledge combined with the highest spiritual understanding.  I am so grateful to have found someone such as yourself who “covers all the bases” of what is necessary in today’s world, where it is not enough anymore just to be competent in business.  Also, we need people with heart, integrity, and an openness to the mysteries of the creative process!  WELL DONE!

Many Thanks & Wishes for Continuing Success!
Star Hinman
The Clearinghouse, a Tucson Organization for Consciousness

“Peter Klein and I started working together in the summer of 2007.  Since that time, he has been like my right arm.  I am an author and spiritual teacher, and I have created three books and two DVD’s.  I am also a techno-dummy of the first order, which is by choice, because that would be a misuse of my time and energy.  With Peter as my associate, this has been possible, as I have trusted that aspect of my work to him.  When I have finished creating whatever I am working on, I hand it off to him, and he gives it shape.  He has been primarily responsible for helping me create my website, including audio and visual features, my monthly newsletter, my You Tube channel, my powerpoint presentation, numerous magazine ads, a DVD, and the self-publication of one of my books.  Peter has the technological expertise to do the vast majority of these things himself, but when he doesn’t, he always gets the job done by using his own network of technical experts.  And with his own intense commitment to enhancing his own technological skills, it won’t be long before he can do it all.
And if all that was not enough, my favorite quality in Peter is how easy it is for me to work with him.  I am an eccentric, outside-the-box thinker, and it’s not easy for me to work with most people.  But working with Peter was easy and a pleasure.  He is a clear communicator and a careful listener, and he understands the importance of getting inside the head of this client, and helping to give their vision shape.
I don’t know what Peter calls what he’s doing.  Whatever it is, I give him my highest mark.”  Jack Allis, Author & Spiritual Teacher

“In his role as the Business Manager of the non-profit that I co-founded, Peter Klein is the one that had the skills and capacity to actually make our school function in the real world.  Saturn is the obvious and strongest known word representing mastery in the worlds of form and structure.  Peter’s skills include accounting, creation of products, technological support with computer and video expertise, website design and support, and unbelievable reliability and persistence.  He singlehandedly succeeded in obtaining a 501-C3 for our school, a school that teaches astrology! For any organization that specializes in visionary creativity, but lacks foundational business skills, Peter Klein is the one for you.”
Daniel Giamario founder and executive director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

“I am so grateful for all the many professional skills Peter has that so expertly supports my work. I depend on his his web designing skills, accounting skills, editing skills, and his many other valuable business skills every month to assist me in providing the best service possible to my own clients and subscribers. I am honored to recommend him to anyone who is seeking assistance in successfully furthering a business they already have or in starting a new one.  Cayelin Castell, Co-founder and Creative Director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and Publisher of the Monthly Celestial Timings E-Zine

“Peter Klein has not only helped me with the editing and production of my book, The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by The Divine Weaver. He has inspired me when I need inspiration, he has prodded me when I needed prodding, he designed my new awesome website, has offered a myriad of suggestions and has taken me much further than I would have ever gotten on my own! He is a one-of-a-kind entreprenurial spirit coming from a place of the utmost integrity. I feel blessed to have found him and cannot recommend him highly enough.”  Lorraine Miller, Author, The Tapestry of Grace

“Highly creative, professional and knew what I wanted in a web site!  Peter’s energy and focus on the task I gave him to create my web site was above and beyond the call of duty!  If anyone wants to revamp a basic site or obtain a new one that will draw business your way, I would highly recommend Peter’s business, Saturnian Service to get it done right.  I’m able to upload any content at my descretion and at a moment’s notice.  He is thorough is his explanations and work and my site would only be a tenth of what it is without him!  Many thanks!”  Erik M Roth, InSpiral Nexus LLC Astrological Services

“Peter has the good humor and presence of mind to see past what is on the written page to what it is I am trying to express. You may be wondering what “good humor” has to do with it? Well, the writer-editor relationship can be challenging (you know, writer’s and their egos) and needs to be kept light, and friendly, and fun. Peter’s willingness to call it like he sees it and to remain unattached to what I do with his hard work is invaluable. That, and he is fantastic at spotting my copious typos. Oh, and he’s fast, did I mention that he is fast?”  Robert McCarter, Author, Photographer, and Enterprenuer

“We are the business owners.  We want to reach the masses but we don’t know how.  I thought I did until I met Peter.  He introduced me to a whole new SYSTEM that involves social technologies, websites, emails, and phone marketing…..and how they all work together!  Once a system of synergy is created between all the tools at your fingertips, results can happen better than ever before.  This is technology that is constantly changing, and for that Peter is the one keeping up on what is new and what works.  We don’t need to be the experts- he is already doing that for us- we need to see the concepts right for our profession and he puts the process in motion from start to finish.  Best of all he works with you along the way to make sure none of the core message gets altered or deleted.  Peter is the logistics man that takes a personal interest in your mission.  He will make absolutely sure that you know everything that can be possible; these are things you probably never thought of…..and then he puts it all together beautifully.  You need to try him out to understand the pulse that gets created within your business.  I, for one, never understood how a business can take on a personality of its own.  Peter shows you how and then does it for you.”  Dr. TJ Rinaldi, Clinic Director, Milwaukee Chiropractic Group

“Peter Klein was a friend first and then an indispensable advisor when I wanted to turn my rough draft into a book.  It would have remained a jumble of thoughts on my computer if Peter hadn’t appeared to turn it into a cohesive form that became a book. I never realized the importance of a good editor and director until I undertook this endeavor.  Peter took control of the final project with a gentleness and confidence that describes his person. He made sure that I felt a part of final decisions, but it was his instincts and knowledge that made those decisions possible. I will be forever grateful to him for his guidance, his friendship, and his genuine sharing of the joy in the final product.” Dr. Gael Riverz, ND