Saturnian Service was originally founded in 2006 by Peter Klein as his sole proprietorship consulting services company in response to a perceived need in the emerging enterpreneurial market place for a conscious provider of comprehensive business-related services.  Over the past five years, we have both expanded our capabilities individually as well as assimilated a network of other individuals and companies that can provide solutions to any need, large, small or in between.


In the Archetypal Energy of Saturn as described by Shamanic Astrology, Saturn represents structure, form, and (in some cases limits and boundaries).  Our interpretation is that Saturn basically represents the foundation of the cosmos.  During a Saturn Transit, individuals and entities are asked to look at both the form,  structure and foundation upon which they base their individuality as well as to take responsibility for their actions and their own empowerment.  In ancient times, Saturn was thought of as harsh, punishing and limiting as it advocates making conscious decisions to base your foundation and structure on.  However, without form, structure, personal empowerment and understanding of where limits and boundaries are with the intention of addressing them, full and abundant success in anything cannot be achieved

We at Saturnian Service are here to provide serious form and structure and to flat out provide solutions that work.  We chose the color scheme of this website and these words specifically to convey this serious intent. In invoking the positive aspects of the archetypal energies of Saturn, we enable the universal structure to be manifested for ourselves and our clients in providing our services.


Peter Klein

With a degree in Accounting and Business Administration, Peter Klein is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) In his former professional life, Peter Klein was a CPA/Auditor  for an International Accounting Firm in Chicago, IL and then a Fortune 500 energy company. Following his accounting and auditing career, he moved into Sales and Marketing for a small family-owned technology firm that he helped to grow from $12 to $110 million in sales within little more than a decade. Eight years ago, having a desire to change his entire life, he left behind his corporate job, marriage, hometown of over 40 years, spiritual community and embarked upon a search for spiritual meaning and self-fulfillment.  Living a “free form” magical life, today he offers his “real world” practical skills in service as an innovative freelance consultant, providing multifaceted services to individuals and organizations to assist them in realizing their visions.  Saturnian Service represents the culmination of both Peter Klein’s real world “Corporate” skills, as well as his conscious spiritual practices in offering his services to the market place.

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